After experiencing two miscarriages, a period of feeling alone, and ashamed, I was left constantly wondering how the world and the people in it could be so cruel.  Cruel to women who have suffered losses and also to women who have fertility issues.

Fertility issues don’t discriminate they are a human issue. It’s time to take the shame away from a problem that affects so many people.

At my darkest point, I went through many different emotions sadness, anger, rage, guilt, shame, envy, and isolation. Over the past few years I have encountered women who felt the same as I did.

I decided one day to break my silence, and to stop living in box filled with shame.

I feel that there is nothing more disturbing  than people who feel they have the right to know what my plans are with my reproductive organs. I believe that fertility is a difficult topic to discuss and should be left private. A woman (or man) should not feel obligated to answer questions about their fertility “just because” someone want to know.

My ultimate goal is to raise awareness about fertility intrusion and fertility shaming. If I can make at least a few people think twice before asking a fertility intrusive question then my initiative will not be in vain. In addition, if I can equip a woman that has suffered a loss with the courage and strength to combat such intrusive questions then my initiative will be well worth it.

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